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Lung Ambition Awards

A joint initiative between Lung Cancer Canada, The Lung Ambition Alliance and AstraZeneca Canada, is a Canadian-based lung cancer research awards program designed to help improve the lives of people living with lung cancer.

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With the goal of improving patient outcomes, the Lung Ambition Awards are designed to support research that will help address key gaps in lung cancer care and help drive meaningful improvements to the patient pathway.


The Lung Ambition Alliance /Lung Cancer Canada AWARDS supports Research in lung cancer within the following areas:

Early Detection

including research into methodologies like screening, incidental pulmonary nodules and blood-based testing, particularly for those individuals not meeting current screening criteria

Improving Healthcare and Patient Systems

Including ways in which institutions or health care systems can improve care along the patient pathway

Addressing Disparities to Improve Equity

Including identification of systemic barriers and ways to overcome them

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